9.2 Release Notes – Die Updates im Detail

KeyShot 9.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • NVLink Multi-GPU Memory
  • Benchmark mode in KeyShot Viewer
  • Quality slider for JPEG output
  • Added „Import folder“ option in material import tool
  • Improved Translucent advanced material on CPU (new name is Translucent Medium)


  • Improved Caustics
  • Improved the direct lighting in GPU interior mode
  • Improved GPU startup time
  • Renamed the Global and Local Revision Number variables in Name Templates
  • Added the option to close the Welcome and KeyShotXR windows by pressing “Esc”
  • Attempting to Render or Add to Queue with a blank Render name will now show a warning message
  • Option to Do Not Show Again was removed from the Reset Camera dialog
  • Add Studios to Queue now respects the order in the Studios window
  • Added warning messages for unsupported image formats
  • Added Benchmark mode to KeyShot Viewer
  • Paste Position now respects locked state of parts
  • Added relevant hotkeys to the context menu in the Real-time view
  • Added a hover state to the Model Sets lock icon
  • Scene warnings dialog now resizes to fit warnings better
  • Reduced noise in Area Light renderings
  • Ensured that the displacement progress bar is always on the top when loading a displaced scene
  • Improved consistency of the Name Templates revision numbers
  • Set the System Revision Number to 1 instead of 0
  • Changed the default order of Library and Project in the Window menu
  • Added New Studio Settings in Studios
  • Improved the functionality of disabling an HDRI pin
  • Added Denoise to the Image menu
  • Added a hover state to the Materials Tab preview sphere
  • Disabled the option to Unlink Materials in Scene Tree, Part Properties if the materials are not linked
  • FPS no longer shows all decimals
  • Faster change of Alembic animation frame
  • More interactive manipulation of animation timeline

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the move tool didn’t follow nurbs-only object
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when reopening and rendering a scene after rendering it once
  • Fixed issue where KeyShot would lock up when cancelling a Web Configuration rendering
  • Fixed issue with failed EXR output when Region Rendering was on
  • Fixed crash on startup in Windows Server 2019
  • Fixed crash when importing area lights
  • Fixed crash when unlinking materials
  • Fixed crash when closing Animation Wizard while edit box was focused
  • Fixed crash when running a command after a script.
  • Fixed issue where split surfaces would disappear after moving them out of a parent group and deleting the parent
  • Fixed issue with a lag in the Animation Curve UI
  • Fixed issue where changing the duration of an XR animation would change the FPS as well
  • Fixed UI elements of animation in the wrong position on dual screen setups
  • Fixed issues with some icons not switching color in Dark Theme
  • Fixed issue where parts would disappear when cancelling Re-Tessellation in GPU mode
  • Fixed issue where GPU mode would fail to initialize due to a part with 0 triangles
  • Fixed issue where ground would become black in GPU mode
  • Fixed a convergence issue on multi-GPU systems
  • Fixed issue where animation could end in the wrong state by using the move tool
  • Fixed issue where importing KeyShot 8 scenes would convert Number Fade nodes incorrectly
  • Fixed several issues with DWG import
  • Fixed issue with Alias import showing hidden layers
  • Fixed issue where Cinema4D importer could not import from non-ascii file paths
  • Fixed issue with bad normals on SolidWorks import
  • Fixed issue with importing WIRE file with folder symmetry off
  • Fixed a number of issues regarding importing files
  • Fixed shading glitches in Re-Tessellate
  • Several fixes to Name Templates
  • Multiple fixes to the Configurator

..and other performance, UI and stability fixes and improvements.

Sie suchen, wir finden.