KeyShot 10.2 Beta What´s New Sneak Peak

keyshot 10.2 beta version whats new sneak peak

Seit ein paar Tagen gibt es die KeyShot 10.2 BETA für alle KeyShot 10 Kunden zum kostenlosen Testen.
Neben ein paar wichtigen Bug fixing Themen sind auch viele kleine aber wichtige Neuerungen entstanden.
Sobald die offizielle Version 10.2 erscheint, werden wir einen detaillierten Inhalt posten.

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New Features
– Mesh Simplification Tool

– glTF import and export with Draco compression – PRO Version only
– Library Optimization
– Split Object Surface Tool Paint Selection Method
– Link Duplicate Materials
– USD & glTF/GLB import improvement
– Materials: Metallic Flakes with Varying Depths (Axalta)

Bug Fixes
10.2 Bug Fixes


  • When adding a model to the library the bounding box is now only calculated based on the chosen model sets

  • Alias Importer – Fixed issue where having multiple versions of Alias installed prevented .wire import

  • Fixed issue where environment animations could not be copy-pasted

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Camera target to not update correctly on Camera switch events.

  • Fixed issue where custom sun position settings can still be used when the sun & sky day arc animation is added

  • Fixed an issue where PVZ import would occasionally fail

  • Fixed issue where the user was not able to drag and drop a backplate on the backplate file path in environment settings

  • Fixed issue where users could drag and drop a vdb file to the HDRI editor

  • USD export now supports special characters

  • Fixed incorrect import of opacity textures on fbx files

  • Fixed issue where .fbx files crashed on import if they had incomplete UVs

  • Fixed crash when previewing texture in material graph with a coated metal material present

  • Fixed potential GPU memory leak

  • Fixed possible Memory Leak in GPU rendering

  • Fixed inconsistent brightness of caustics depending on model visibility when rendering on GPU

  • Fixed issue where artifact appear in GPU mode

  • Fix to make GPU caustics consistently bright for different ground plane sizes

  • Fixed metallic flakes visibility in GPU mode

  • Fixed issue where importing a model with a defined scale into a scene with an undefined scale resulting in wrong scaling of labels

  • KeyShot Viewer – Fixed issue where the welcome window could be overlaid by a loading bar

  • Fixed issue where transparency did not show correctly for some file formats in the texture library

  • Queue rendering works correctly for external CAD pro licenses

  • Network Rendering – Fixed SMTP authentication with certain mail servers

  • Network Rendering – Fixed re-connection problems in NR Monitor

  • Fix discrepancy indirect lighting calculations between CPU/GPU

  • Fixed shift of texture center when using Part Center on objects with geometry shaders. It May have caused apparently random behavior of displacement

  • Fixed crash that could occur when opening scene with studio events.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicating model sets could cause a crash

  • Fixed issue where opening scene with texture scale mode set to scene units would show as UV in UI

  • Fixed issue: Pressing enter while editing text field would close dialog.

  • Improvement in area light stability

  • Fixed issue where objects in scene root were not transformed to fit scene units

  • Improved error handling when importing files with animations

  • Fixed issue where Move tool could be used from all mouse buttons

  • Fixed issue where bubble materials are not supported in GPU mode.

  • Fixed incorrect materials on Fuzz in background rendering.

  • Fixed issue where environment image was sometimes not saved

  • Fix potential hang when offline rendering faded objects on GPU

  • Fixed render passes on the GPU with objects that should be invisible to the camera

  • Fix loading 16 bit ppm files

  • Fixed issue where collision detection was not taken into account when using keyframe animations

  • Fix sporadic crash when toggling between CPU/GPU

  • Creo View import API updated to version 17.1.

  • Fixed crash when trying to bake of multi-layer optics materials with no layers

  • Fixed crash in geometry nodes and gpu rendering when geometry would have less than two texture coordinates per vertex

  • Fixed issue where KeyShot becomes unresponsive if Split Object Surfaces tool is used on RealCloth material

  • Fix potential discrepancy between CPU/GPU with contour texture and toon materials

  • Improved visual appearance for Velvet material in Interior mode

  • The denoiser no longer prevents automatic pause from being triggered.

  • Fix double environment light contribution when using ground illumination with faded objects in GPU mode

  • Fixed issue where opacity maps on ground planes were incorrect in GPU mode

  • Fixed issue where Switching to GPU mode while having a ground material with opacity on it will create strange lines

  • Fixed issue where global illumination could be out of sync when changing environments

  • Fixed an issue where a duplicated environment will not contain the original pins and folder names

  • Fixed Collision Detection not working when moving a keyframe animated object

  • Fixed frame count sometimes being wrong when extracting frames for video maps

  • Fixed auto-update of NR Worker when having both CPU+GPU instances but CPU is paused.

  • Fixed support for special characters inside exported glb and gltf files

  • Fixed saving „Import cameras“ in import settings for all file types.

  • Improved loading speed for Realcloth material

  • Link duplicates setting is remembered correctly after a restart.

  • Fixed issue where the header „Log in with your Luxion ID“ in dark mode was not respecting the theme

  • Fixed issue where importing files with z-up axis could result in flipped cameras

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