Alle Neuerungen und Verbesserungen zur KeyShot Version 11.1

Seit dem 21.03.2022 steht die neue KeyShot 11.1 Version zum Download.
Dieses Release beinhaltet viele Verbesserungen und Bugfixing Themen.

Die wichtigsten Punkte sind:

  • KeyShot Web Viewer Improvements
  • 3D Paint Improvements
  • Physics Simulation Improvements
  • 3D File Format Support
  • KeyShot for Blender Add-on
  • KeyShot for NX Subscription

Änderungsprotokoll für

New Features
– Added the possibility to upload and share KeyShot scenes optimized for viewing in a browser, on a desktop or mobile device.
– Added Localize Scene Contents to copy all resources used by a scene to the same folder as where the BIP file is.
– Added selection outlines to viewport of Physics Simulation tool.
– Added selection in viewport of Physics Simulation tool.
– Added support for outputting color information in CMF.

– Improved JWT parsing error by expanding system date, time, and time zone values.
– Show touch-friendly menu in bottom-left corner if there are no other options available.
– Improved Web Viewer upload speed from KeyShot to Cloud by ~2.7x for larger scenes.
– Fixed an issue where 3D drawing performance in GPU mode was slow.
– Updated to using Python 3.10.
– Added Alembic import support of UVs and normals for ngons.
– Added multi-selection in viewport of Physics Simulation tool.
– Remember position of render dialog.
– Added option to keep Original UV’s when exporting.
– Added support for Floating licenses on Linux.
– Fixed an issue where GPU performance was worse than expected.

– Ensure library resources are loaded before loading a scene file via scripting.
– Fixed an issue with camera targets not being saved.
– Fixed an issue with thumbnails sometimes not being shown correctly on Windows.
– Hidden objects in Creo View files no longer imported.
– Fixed the issue where the brush indicator disappears when the brush size is small.
– Fixed an issue where files would be exported to GLB with a ‚Not robust dudv‘ error.
– Added option to create subfolders in animation.
– Fixed an issue where normals would not be imported for DWG files.
– Fixed potential illegal memory access error when rendering in GPU mode.
– Scripting: Import options are respected for all formats.
– Fixed a crash when saving a scene with one or more multi materials and a configuration set up for ‚Model variations‘.
– Fixed an issue with importing cameras from .skp files.
– Fixed an issue where the re-tessellate tool could freeze KeyShot.
– Improved GPU rendering to not Setup the Geometry for each frame when not needed

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