KeyShot 11 Neuerungen 2022

KeyShot 11 ist da! Schaffen Sie einzigartige Erlebnisse, bringen Sie Ihre Visualisierungen auf die nächste Stufe und erweitern Sie die Art und Weise, wie Sie Ihre Ideen präsentieren. Zu den neuen Funktionen gehören 3D Paint, Physikalische Simulation und Szenen-sharing mit KeyShot Web Viewer.

What´s new? - Übersicht

Die Neuerungen im Detail

1. 3D Paint Overview

2. Physics Simulation

3. CMF Tool

4. Web Viewer

Features im Detail


3D Paint

3D Paint is a new texture type that allows you to customize your parts by painting or stamping directly onto their surfaces. You can add a 3D Paint texture by adding it to a map type on the material, add it as a label or via the Material Graph.

Learn more about 3D Paint here.


The new CMF feature allows you to output Color Material Finish data directly from inside KeyShot. You can add your CMF callouts from the CMF section in the Render Dialog or edit your schemas by using the Material Information Manager in the tools section.

Learn more about CMF here.

CMF to 3MF

CMF to 3MF export let’s you export a KeyShot scene containing CMF data to 3MF for 3D printing.

Learn more about 3MF export for 3D printing here.

Deformable Animation Import

The new deformable Animation import let’s you import deformable Animations as FBX or Alembic files. KeyShot will cache these animation as .luxT files for faster loading and smaller file sizes.

Learn more about Deformation Animation here.

Environment Brightness Animation

The new Brightness Animation is a new type of environment animation. You can add an environment brightness animation by right-clicking on your environment in the scene tree or by using the animation wizard.

Learn more about Environment Animation here.

Physics Simulation

Physics Simulation is a new tool, that allows you create Keyframe animations based on the gravity and collision in your scene. You can find the physics simulation in the tools section in the ribbon or by right-clicking on a model or part in the real-time view or scene tree.

Learn more about Physics Simulation here.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is an advanced new feature, that allows you to automate your workflows via GUI and Headless Scripting, including manipulating the Material Graph.

Learn more about Scripting in KeyShot here.

Web Viewer

The new Web Viewer is part of the KeyShotWeb Add-on and allows you to easily share your KeyShot scenes by uploading them to the cloud. It allows users to view and configure your scenes in a browser, on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Learn more about the Web Viewer here.


Cutaway Material

The Cutaway Material is now supported in GPU mode.


The export of GLB/glTF has been optimized to produce smaller file sizes by using instancing. It has also been extended to support transparency and colored specularity of Dielectric Materials.

KeyShot Library Updates



This scene shows multiple applications of the 3D Paint texture.


This scene contains a small Configurator setup and Multi-Materials, making it ideal to explore the functionality of CMF.

KeyShot Mug

A simple scene with some 3D Paint and a low poly-count for a quick upload to the Web Viewer.


This scene shows the capabilities of the Physics Simulation tool.

Scenes removed from the installer and available for download on

  • displacement.bip
  • fuzz.bip
  • KeyframeAnimation.bip
  • Tripod Grip.bip


Human Skin Tones

These materials use Translucent Material.
Found in the Material Library in Translucent > Human Skin Tones.

Human Skin Tones
  • Human Skin Almond 50mm
  • Human Skin Band 50mm
  • Human Skin Beige 50mm
  • Human Skin Bronze 50mm
  • Human Skin Chestnut 50mm
  • Human Skin Chocolate 50mm
  • Human Skin Espresso 50mm
  • Human Skin Golden 50mm
  • Human Skin Honey 50mm
  • Human Skin Ivory 50mm
  • Human Skin Limestone 50mm
  • Human Skin Pale Ivory 50mm
  • Human Skin Porcelain 50mm
  • Human Skin Rose Beige 50mm
  • Human Skin Sand 50mm
  • Human Skin Sienna 50mm
  • Human Skin Umber 50mm
  • Human Skin Warm Ivory 50mm


3D Paint Brush Shapes

Found in the Texture Library in 3D Paint > Brush Shape.

Brush Shape
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Chipped01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Chipped02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Crosshatch_01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Crosshatch_02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Crosshatch_03
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Drops_01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Drops02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Ellipse01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Fingerprints01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Fingerprints02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Fingerprints03
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Handprint01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Rectangle01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Roughcuts01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesLinear01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesLinear02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesLinear03
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesRandom01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesRandom02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_ScratchesRandom03
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter02
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter03
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter04
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter05
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter06
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter07
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter08
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Splatter09
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Stain01
  • 3DPaint_BrushShape_Stain02

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