KeyShot Update 10.1.82

KeyShot Update 10.1.79 .80 und .81 bug fixes März 2021

Änderungsprotokoll für 10.1.82
KeyShot 10.1.82
– Fixed issue where changes of imported animations were not respected
– Fixed possible memory leak in GPU rendering
– Fixed issue where linked animations could become unlinked
– Fixed an issue where a duplicated environment will not contain the original pins and folder names

Änderungsprotokoll für 10.1.80
KeyShot 10.1.80
– Fix crash when saving license request while using another license type
– Fix SketchUp import on Mac

Änderungsprotokoll für 10.1.79
KeyShot 10.1.79

New Features
– Added new Trial license system
– Added Collision Detection and simple physics to Move Tool
– Added support for importing USD files
– Added Support for importing SolidWorks 2021 files
– Added support for importing Rhino 7 files
– Added function to export an AR package
– Added function to paste a copied Keyframe animation as mirrored
– Added function to only show active sub-material in the Material Graph
– Added support for Measured materials as Labels

– Multiple KeyFrames can now be selected at once
– Custom easing Curves can now be edited for multiple Animations at once
– Improved the Material Graph Align Nodes function
– Added support for Cross selection vs. Window selection in Geometry tools
– Improved camera interaction in Geometry Tools
– Light Manager input fields can now be manually filled
– Multi-selection and editing is now supported in the Light Manager
– When a matcap is assigned the shading mode is now automatically changed to matcap
– Animation preview added in the Animation Wizard for Camera twist animations
– Locked modelsets can no longer be renamed
– Improved Move tool usability with millimeter scale

Bug Fixes
– Fixed missing Mirror function for Animation Folders
– Undoing the deletion of an animation now brings it back in the correct order
– Animations no longer reset to the first frame when importing
– Fixed issue where redo could not redo moving an animation
– Fixed issue where Zoom animations could become unresponsive
– Fixed issue where adding a KeyFrame to a part with an animated group caused the part to move
– Fixed issue where undo would not work on the last change applied to a KeyFrame animation
– Fixed missing animation preview for keyframe animations
– Fixed Move tool arrows sometimes being incorrect
– Fixed object movement after keyframe animation is unchecked
– KeyFrame animations from Maya will now be displayed correctly after import
– Fixed an issue where procedural environments could be drag and dropped as image pins
– Fixed an issue where faces could disappear in Geometry view
– Fixed an issue where close geometry could overlap in Geometry view
– Fixed an issue where shadows would not match on toon materials in GPU and CPU mode
– Fixed an issue where materials with Visible to Camera disabled would still be calculated for denoising in GPU mode
– Fixed an issue where bloom could cause black squares to show in GPU mode
– Fixed an issue where caustics would not update in GPU mode after rotating the HDRI
– Fixed an issue where the GPU mode button would disappear for eligible GPUs with ineligible drivers
– Fixed an issue where rendering fade animations using Custom control caused drastic slowdowns
– Fixed an issue where the ground plane was visible in Interior mode when using Photographic Image Styles
– Fixed an issue where Rendering Lage configurations could cause KeyShot to become unresponsive
– All locked parts are now hidden correctly in Solo mode
– Hiding the last child will no longer also hide the model set
– Scrollwheel shortcut to zoom now also works in materials tab in Project window
– Fixed an issue where Performance mode could be greyed out if a new scene was opened while in GPU mode
– Fixed an issue where the hotkey overview could look wrong
– Cycle Studios now match the Studios‘ order in the Studios dialogue
– Texture preview will now revert correctly to original
– Locking an animation will no longer lock the animated Part
– Fixed a crash when a high megapixel image was present in texture library
– Fixed the uninstaller progress bar not stopping at the end
– Fixed an issue where the Welcome window ‚Recent files‘ section does not update
– Fixed an issue where keyshot would not be able to import alias files after upgrading to Alias 2021.3
– Fixed the 3Dconnection mouse for Mac OS Big Sur
– Fixed a crash when adding exclusions to duplicated Model Sets
– Fixed an issue where scenes would not shrink in size when removing Configurations.
– Fixed an issue where importing bip files would cause the render settings to change
– Fixed a crash when selecting the pivot node after ‚Move Tool‘ is closed
– Marquee cross selection now works for all geometry in real time view
– Fixed drag and drop of materials from library after import
– Fixed .bip file thumbnail not updating when saving as .ksp
– Fixed Geometry Nodes not being executed when material is applied via Material Templates
– Fixed an issue where Parts with different materials would come in as one part on import
– Fixed an issue where exported USDZ would have incorect texture mappings
– Fixed an issue where the Uninstaller would get stuck on ‚Deactivate License‘
– Fixed an issue where the Name parameter would not be applied when rendering via scripting

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