KeyShot Update 10.2.104

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Seit heute gibt es das Update auf Version 10.2.104 mit folgenden Verbesserungen und Bug fixes > > > 

Änderungsprotokoll für 10.2.104

Security Patches
– Fixed disclosed security vulnerabilities in LSA-394129 (see more at

New Features
– Added new mesh simplification tool to reduce the face count of a model
– Added new selection method ‚Paint selection‘ in Split Object Surfaces tool
– Added new touch-friendly presentation mode
– Added selectable Thumbnail style when saving in project materials to Library
– Added selectable Thumbnail style on Library materials
– Thumbnails in the Material Library have been updated with new models to better represent the look of the materials
– Added support for Maya 2022
– Added support for Sketchup 2021
– Added import support for CATIA V5-6R2021 (R31), Jt up to version 10.6 and Parasolid up to version 33.1
– Added support for importing glTF files, with or without Draco compression
– Added support for Draco compression in glTF/GLB export
– Updated axf format to version 1.8

– Added functionality to find and link duplicate materials
– Improved visual appearance of metallic paints with clearcoat roughness
– Added importance sampling to AxF flake component such that they show up under environment lighting in product mode.
– Added support for metallic flakes with varying depths in Axalta Paint materials
– Improved materials on glTF/GLB and USD import
– Improved Axalta paint rendering for better visual similarity between GPU and CPU rendering
– Added possibility to Undo/Redo selection on Split object surfaces and Split Separate Objects tools
– It is no longer possible to create self-intersecting seams that will not work when unwrapping
– Improved caustics for smooth Environment lighting
– Modelsets and Studios can now be added as a single job to rendering queue
– Added separate executable for headless mode
– Added support for lux.exportFile() in headless scripting
– Added more functions for headless scripting
– Replaced the ‚choose folder‘ combobox with the tree widget used for adding other library items (colors, materials, environments)
– Added such that all root folders are expanded by default
– Added a ‚paste‘ context menu item to the library page, since the shift-RMB to paste was hard to find
– The ‚Activate trial‘ option was removed since the trial can be activated from ‚Activate license‘ option
– The ‚Apply‘ button, when using Geometry Tools, has been greyed out until the user has made a change to the object.
– The registration wizard now also has the usage option for the user to select the scope of the trial
– Improved handling of file thumbnails when Uninstalling
– Improved the stop rendering dialog to make accidentally deleting rendered frames harder
– Improved library performance when loading many large resources
– Added support for loading optimised material file format

– Fixed sampling weight for direct lighting of multi lobe materials with lobes that have a low weight.
– Fixed an issue that would cause a Visual difference for Dielectric Materials compared to earlier KeyShot versions.
– Fixed potential missing first reflective volume caustic in scattering media on the CPU
– Fixed incorrect materials on Fuzz in background rendering.
– Fixed inconsistent brightness of caustics depending on model visibility when rendering on GPU
– Fixed issue where opacity maps on ground planes were incorrect in GPU mode
– Fixed issue where custom sun position settings can still be used when the sun and sky day arc animation is added
– Fixed metallic flakes visibility in GPU mode
– Fixed potential discrepancy between CPU/GPU with toon materials
– Fixed potential discrepancy between CPU/GPU with contour texture materials
– Fixed double environment light contribution when using ground illumination with faded objects in GPU mode
– Fixed to make GPU caustics consistently bright for different ground plane sizes
– Fixed backplates from showing aliasing when down-sampled
– Fixed issue where pallets become unhooked and put on second monitor
– Fixed animation window size being restricted to a small size
– Fixed issue where running lux.exportFile via Scripting would crash KeyShot
– Fixed Collision Detection not working when moving a keyframe animated object
– Fixed loading old KeyShot 1.9 files with multiple materials per object.
– Fixed Cloud download via the browser on MacOS
– Fixed loading 16 bit ppm files
– Fixed an issue with starting the Network Rendering Watchdog service on Linux
– Fixed issue where UV mapped displacement was not resolved correctly
– Fixed potential GPU memory leak
– Fixed issue where .fbx files crashed on import if they had incomplete UVs
– Fixed issue where plugins would not work with software specific licenses
– (see full list of bugfixes in KeyShot 10.2 Release Notes found in KeyShot Manual)


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